Sunday, November 15, 2015

Fundraiser by Katherine Fox - Losing our locks for children with medically associated hair loss...

 From Alumni member Katherine Fox:
I've decided to lose my locks and donate my hair to Variety charity that provides wigs for children with medical related hair loss.  11yr old Amity from Longreach has joined me and we’ll both be losing our locks before Christmas – just a bit of cross-State scheduling to be undertaken.

We are grateful for any donations toward this worthy cause - all funds will go toward making a wig from the [just shy of] 1.5m of hair we donate between the two of us.  Please go to the link above and select the ‘give now’ button to make a donation.  If for some reason it does not go straight to our donations page, use the search function (top right) to search for ‘losing our locks’.

Thank you for considering.

Katherine and Amity

PS: or visit our FaceBook page: where we’ll eventually have some ‘after’ pics!